The Map Won’t Load in the Game

This comes up a lot. You download a new map, put it in the Mods folder, run the game and the map isn’t listed. Why?

There are several reasons why this happens. One is that the map zip file you downloaded has other zip files inside of it. Some map authors like to include mod zip files to use on the map. The game can’t read what it needs to install the map because the files are zipped up.


Unzip all the zip files inside, and drop THOSE into your mod folder. Make sure the original zip is removed from the mod folder. The map should then load.

Another reason the map won’t load is if the moddesc version is incorrect. In FS19, the version number should be in the 40’s. In FS17, it was in the 30’s. This number changes if a game patch is issued. If a map author converts a map from 17 to 19, they sometimes forget to change the moddesc version number.


The number can be changed using a text editor, or you can use FS19 Dashboard to make the change with one click.

Sometimes the author has left out some essential files. Depending on which files those are, it can cause an error which will prevent the map from loading.


Nothing you can do to fix this. You may want to contact the author and let them know.

All the problems above will be listed in the game log file. You can easily view the game’s log file in FS19 Dashboard Log Viewer. Many errors can be fixed if you know what they are. The log file will list these errors.

Keep in mind that it’s always best to download mods from Giant’s official mod hub. Mods and maps are tested before they are listed and you will get fewer errors when playing the game.