Fixing Game Crashing Issues

I get asked a lot for help in troubleshooting why the game won’t load or why it crashes.

To do this, we need to understand what is happening in the background when the game loads. First, the game loads all mods/maps located in the default/chosen mod folder. The mod folder the game loads from is configured in the gamesettings.xml file:

<modsDirectoryOverride active=”true” directory=”D:\FS19 MAPS\PV19 4x Blank Map/”/>

This is the line that FS19 Dashboard changes when using the Mod Folder Manager. By keeping your map file and any mods you wish to use with that map in a separate folder eliminates what is called “bleeding” between maps. If more than one map file exists in that folder, the game will load all of them, which can cause problems. Another advantage is that you won’t be loading a bunch of mods you’ll probably never use, since you can copy only wanted mods to the custom mod folder Mod Folder Manager creates.

Next, after you choose a savegame to play, the mods available in the designated mod folder are displayed so you can choose which mods are loaded into that savegame by selecting/deselecting them. After that is when the fun can happen. The game will load your chosen mods and if any errors are found, will write them to the game log, located at:

C:\Users\admin\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019\log.txt

You can view the log file in a text editor, or use the Log Viewer in FS19 Dashboard. The Log Viewer makes it easy to search individual terms, like only errors, only warnings, resource not found and more to make finding mod errors and conflicts easier.

If any mods are conflicting, or are zips in zips, or have some other misconfiguration that prevents the game from loading it, it will show in the log.txt file.

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