Biotechnology and Seed Consolidation and More

biotechnology and seed consolidation

Farmers Trapped in Unsustainable Cycle by Biotechnology and Seed Consolidation, USDA Wants Your Comments on Racial Justice, NSAC is Hiring, and What We’re Reading in the Latest News from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Farmers Trapped in Unsustainable Cycle by Biotechnology and Seed Consolidation

This is the second blog in a series exploring the impacts of biotechnology and seed consolidation and concentration in the agriculture industry on farmers and the broader food system. The series is authored by NSAC Policy Associate Billy Hackett, with meaningful contributions by farmers and experts.

What role did corporate consolidation and concentration play in the commoditization and appropriation of seed and farming practices? How does this impact farmers? How might we learn from the past to move forward?


USDA Wants Your Comments on Racial Justice and Equity

The USDA recently opened a public comment period to receive input on Executive Order 13985, “Identifying Barriers in USDA Programs and Services; Advancing Racial Justice and Equity and Support for Underserved Communities at USDA.

The deadline to submit a comment is Thursday, July 15th. 


NSAC Is Hiring!

Are you passionate about sustainable food and farms and excited to build powerful grassroots campaigns for change? We have both an entry-level and senior role open on our grassroots team. Learn more and apply today:


What We’re Reading

In this space we share suggested readings that NSAC staff find relevant to the Coalition’s mission and work. The opinions expressed in these readings are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect an official NSAC policy or position. 

Lobsters’ feelings loom large as British Parliament debates animal welfare bill

The British Parliament is currently debating the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill, “a potentially sweeping piece of legislation that could require all arms of government — not just the agriculture ministry — to consider animal sentience when forming policy and writing regulations.”

Rampant issues’: Black farmers are still left out at USDA

Black farmers are far behind in obtaining grants and loans, a POLITICO analysis of data shows.

Beginning Farmers